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2020 (1)

  • [2828] E. Crisol, L. Herrera, R. Montes. Educación virtual para todos: una revisión sistemática. Education in the Knowledge Society (EKS) 21:0, 2020. doi: 10.14201/eks.20327

2019 (4)

  • [2545] X. Liu, Y. Xu, R. Montes, R. Ding, F. Herrera. Alternative Ranking-Based Clustering and Reliability Index-Based Consensus Reaching Process for Hesitant Fuzzy Large Scale Group Decision Making. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 27:1, 159-171, January 2019. doi: 10.1109/TFUZZ.2018.2876655
  • [2554] X. Liu, Y. Xu, R. Montes, Y. Dong, F. Herrera. Analysis of self-confidence indices-based additive consistency for fuzzy preference relations with self-confidence and its application in group decision making. Int J Intell Syst. 34:5 (2019) 920-946. doi: 10.1002/int.22081
  • [2688] X. Liu, Y. Xu, R. Montes, F. Herrera. Social network group decision making: Managing self-confidence based consensus model with dynamic importance degree of experts and trust-based feedback mechanism. Information Sciences 505 (2019) 215-232. doi: j.ins.2019.07.050
  • [2754] L. Herrera, E. Crisol, R. Montes. A MOOC on universal design for learning designed under the UDL paradigm. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 35:6 (2019) 30–47. doi: 10.14742/ajet.5532

2018 (1)

2015 (1)

2014 (5)

  • [2219] R. Montes, M. Gea, C. Dondi. Engaging OER at Universities. Revista Educación Mediática y Aplicación Didáctica de las TIC 3:2 (2014) 7-28. PDF Icon
  • [2220] R. Montes, M. Gea, J. Haywood. Open Learning Recognition in Traditional Universities. Lifelong education: the XXI century journal 1:5 (2014).
  • [2221] R. Montes, M. Gea, B. Rojas, R. Bergaz. Generating lifelong-learning communities and branding with Massive Open Online Courses. Information Resources Management Journal 27:2 (2014) 27-46.
  • [2222] V. Gámiz, R. Montes, M.C. Pérez. Self-assessment via a blended-learning strategy to improve performance in an accounting subject. RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal 11:2 (2014) 41-54. PDF Icon
  • [2224] M. Gea, R. Montes, B. Rojas, R. Bergaz. Comunidades activas de aprendizaje: hacia la formación abierta en las universidades. Revista Iberoamericana de Tecnologías del Aprendizaje (IEEE - RITA) 2:1 (2014) 3-10. PDF Icon

2013 (2)

  • [2230] R. Montes, M. Gea, J. Haywood. Reconocimiento del aprendizaje abierto en las universidades tradicionales. Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, 4:2 (2013), 82–94. PDF Icon
  • [2231] M. Abad, N. Medina, S. Moral, R. Montes, S. Torres, F. Matesanz. Increasing power by using haplotype similarity in a multimarker transmission/disequilibrium test. Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 2:2 (2013) 1250014-1--1250014-22. PDF Icon

2012 (1)

  • [2245] M. Abad, N. Medina, R. Montes, F. Matesanz, V. Vineet. Sample Reproducibility of Genetic Association Using Different Multimarker TDTs in Genome-Wide Association Studies: Characterization and a New Approach. Journal PLoS ONE 7:2 (2012) e29613. doi: PDF Icon