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Data Mining Free Tools

KEEL: Knowledge Extraction based on Evolutionary Learning

WEKA: Data Mining Software in Java
  Rapid Miner YALE: Yet Another Learning Environment

KNIME: Konstanz Information Miner

Orange: Data mining fruitful & fun

ADaM: Algorithm Development and Mining toolkit

AlphaMiner: open source data mining platform

  Databionic ESOM Tools

MiningMart: End-User Datawarehouse Mining
  SPIDA (Soft Computing Intelligent Data Analysis)
  MLC++: A library in C++ for Supervised Machine Learning
  MLJ: Machine Learning in Java
  Rattle: R Analytical Tool To Learn Easily
  Gnome Data Mining Tools
  SDM: StarProbe Data Miner

TANAGRA: A free data-mining software for teaching and research

Gnome R Data Mining
Plataform to help data mining in imperfect enviroments

The R Project for Statistical Computing




Genetic Algorithm Tools

Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Systems

Support Vector Machines

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Research Topics Repository

Ant Colony Optimization: In this link you may find some research groups, papers and tutorials on the topic. Also you can find public software and a list of links related to Ant Colony Optimization research.

Particle Swarm Optimization: In this link you can find information about the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) including bibliography, tutorials a list of conferences on the topic and also a discussion forum about PSO.

Fuzzy Logic: This page includes some FAQs and tutorials, together with related web sites and readings on the topic.

Kernel Machines: This page contains tutorials, software and publications about Kernel Methods and Support Vector Machines. Also includes a list of researches working on the topic, events, workshops and additional information.

Fuzzy Sets and Systems: This page contains some links about Professional Organizations and Networks, Fuzzy Logic Journals and Books and Research groups.
FALTA LA IMAGEN, ENLACE ROTO Fuzzy Logic Repository: This page contains software and materials concerning fuzzy logic and related topics.

KDnuggets: In this link you may find some Data Mining, Web Mining, Text Mining, and Knowledge Discovery resources, which includes software, solutions, companies, data-sets, web sites, FAQ and so on.

EMOO Web Page: In this link you may find a complete list of books, journal papers and other contributions about Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization. This pages also includes tests functions and multiobjective problems together with free software developed by researches.

Genetic Programming : This link includes a source of information about the field of genetic programming and the field of genetic and evolutionary computation.

Genetic Algorithm Warehouse : In this page you may find a complete source about genetic algorithms, including some books, tutorials, software, applications, papers and so on.

Scatter Search and Path Relinking : In this link you can find the list of journal papers on theory and applications of scatter search.

Memetic Algorithms' Home Page : This page contains links to research groups' working in issues related to Memetic Algorithms, bibliography, and some other links related to the topic.




Tutorial Papers

"Flirtation, a Very Fuzzy Prospect: a Flirtation Advisor". (M. Martin and J. M. Mendel, 1995).

"Type-2 Fuzzy Sets: Some Questions and Answers". IEEE Connections, Newsletter of the IEEE Neural Networks Society, vol. 1, Aug. 2003, pp. 10-13. (J. M. Mendel, 2003)

"A Genetic Algorithm Tutorial". Statistics and Computing, 4, (1994), 65-85. (Darrell Whitley, 1994)


"The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation". (Jörg Heitkötter and David Beasley, 1999) (online resource)

"An Overview of Genetic Algorithms: Part 1, Fundamentals". University Computing 15:4 (1993) 170-181. (D. Beasley, D. R. Bull and R. R. Martin, 1993)

"An Overview of Genetic Algorithms: Part 2, Research Topics ". University Computing 15:4 (1993) 170-181. (D. Beasley, D. R. Bull and R. R. Martin, 1993)

"Evolutionary Computation: Comments on the History and Current State ". IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation 1:1 (1997) 3-17. (Thomas Bäck, Ulrich Hammel and Hans-Paul Schwefel, 1997)

Tutorial Slides

An introduction to Data Mining". (Kurt Thearling)
"Web Information Retrieval : Google's Success". (M. Martin, 2003)