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Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems

F. Xhafa, F. Herrera, A. Abraham, M. Köppen and J.M. Benítez

Table of Contents

Invited Papers

Evolutionary Computer Vision: A Taxonomic Tutorial
Sefano Cagnoni
p. 1

Binary Connectives in Fuzzy Logic
Imre J. Rudas and János Fodor
p. 7

Regular Papers of the Main Conference

Metaheuristics and Optimization

Ant Colony Optimization for Continuous Domains: Application to Reservoir Operation Problems
Abbas Afshar and Shahrbanou Madadgar
p. 13

A Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Single Objective Trans-Dimensional Optimization Problems
Hemant Kumar Singh, Amitay Isaacs, Tapabrata Ray, and Warren Smith
p. 19

Multi-Ring Dispersed Particle Swarm Optimization
Carmelo J.A. Bastos-Filho, Marcel P. Caraciolo, Péricles B.C. Miranda, and Danilo F. Carvalho
p. 25

Prune and Plant: A New Bloat Control Method for Genetic Programming
Eva Alfaro-Cid, Anna Esparcia-Alcázar, Ken Sharman, Francisco Fernández de Vega, and J.J. Merelo
p. 31

DANTE — The Combination between an Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm and a Depth Search Method
Pedro Cardoso-Mário Jesus and Alberto Márquez
p. 36

Implicit User Modelling Using Hybrid Meta-Heuristics
Pavel Krömer, Vaclav Snášel, Jan Platoš, and Ajith Abraham
p. 42

Assignment of Students to Preferred Laboratory Groups Using a Hybrid Grouping Genetic Algorithm
Luis E. Agustín-Blas, S. Salcedo-Sanz, E. Ortiz-García, Á. Pérez-Bellido, and A. Portilla-Figueras
p. 48

The Impact of Local Search on Protein-Ligand Docking Optimization
Jorge Tavares, Alexandru-Adrian Tantar, Nouredine Melab, and El-Ghazali Talbi
p. 53

Tracking Extrema in Dynamic Fitness Functions with Dissortative Mating Genetic Algorithms
C.M. Fernandes, J.J. Merelo, and A.C. Rosa
p. 59

Modified Harmony Search Methods for Uni-Modal and Multi-Modal Optimization
X.Z. Gao, X. Wang, and S.J. Ovaska
p. 65

Solving the Railway Traveling Salesman Problem via a Transformation into the Classical Traveling Salesman Problem
Bin Hu and Günther R. Raidl
p. 73

SR-2: A Hybrid Algorithm for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Angel A. Juan, Javier Faulin, Josep Jorba, Scott E. Grasman, and Barry Barrios
p. 78

Double-Deck Elevator System Uing Genetic Network Programming with Genetic Operators Based on Pheromone Information
Lu Yu, Jin Zhou, Fengming Ye, Shingo Mabu, Kaoru Shimada, and Kotaro Hirasawa
p. 84

A Neurogenetic Approach and its Application to Constrained Nonlinear Convex Optimization Problems with Joint and Disjoint Feasible Regions
Fabiana Cristina Bertoni, Ivan Nunes da Silva, and Matheus Giovanni Pires
p. 90

Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Distributing and Simulation Systems

FPGA Implementation of Hybrid Additive Programmable Cellular Automata Encryption Algorithm
Petre Anghelescu, Silviu Ionita, and Emil Sofron
p. 96

Improving the Performance of Partitioning Methods for Crowd Simulations
G. Vigueras, M. Lozano, J.M. Orduna, and F. Grimaldo
p. 102

Combining Distributed Matchmaking and Clustering to Prune the Solution Space in Distributed Optimization Problems - Demonstrated in the RailCab System
Dietrich Dürksen, Benjamin Klöpper, Daniel Ruth, Christof Thonemann, and Wilhelm Dangelmaier Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Image Processing and Robotics
p. 108

Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Image Processing and Robotics

Evaluation of Human Visual Impressions in Gray Scale Textures Using Morphological Manipulation
Liang Li, Akira Asano, and Chie Muraki Asano
p. 114

A Hybrid Approach for Tissue Recognition on Wound Images
Héctor Mesa, Francisco J. Veredas, and Laura Morente
p. 120

Classification and Segmentation of Visual Patterns Based on Receptive and Inhibitory Fields
Bruno J.T. Fernandes, George D.C. Cavalcanti, and Tsang I. Ren
p. 126

A Sequential Learning Resource Allocation Network for Image Processing Applications
Stefan Wildermann and Jürgen Teich
p. 132

Brain-Inspired Emergence of Behaviors in Mobile Robots by Reinforcement Learning with Internal Rewards
Masumi Ishikawa, Takao Hagiwara, Naoyuki Yamamoto, and Fumiko Kiriake
p. 138

Quadratic Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neural Network Tuned with an Evolution-Strategy for a Simulated 3D Biped Walking Controller
Lukasz Wiklendt, Stephan K. Chalup, and María M. Seron
p. 144

Gait Optimization in AIBO Robots Using an Estimation of Distribution Algorithm
Juan Ignacio Alonso-Barba, José Antonio Gámez, José Miguel Puerta, and Ismael García-Varea
p. 150

Decision Making and Recommender Systems

Enhancing Appropriateness of Executive Decisions Using AIS
Bernardo Caldas, Marcelo Pita, and Fernando Buarque de Lima Neto
p. 156

A Comparison of Hybrid Decision Making Methods for Emergency Support
Ángel Iglesias, M. Dolores del Castillo, J. Ignacio Serrano, and Jesús Oliva
p. 162

Introducing Serendipity in a Content-Based Recommender System
Leo Iaquinta, Marco de Gemmis, Pasquale Lops, Giovanni Semeraro, Michele Filannino, and Piero Molino
p. 168

Using Genetic Algorithm for Hybrid Modes of Collaborative Filtering in Online Recommenders
Simon Fong, Yvonne Ho, and Yang Hang
p. 174

A Decision Making Model Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory and Linguistic Hybrid Aggregation Operators
José M. Merigó, Montserrat Casanovas, and Luis Martínez
p. 180

Ranking of Weighted Strategies in the Two-Player Games with Fuzzy Entries of the Payoff Matrix
Elisabeth Rakus-Andersson, Maria Salomonsson, and Hang Zettervall
p. 186

Value-at-Risk Estimation with Fuzzy Histograms
R. J. Almeida and U. Kaymak
p. 192

Information Systems

A Model for Semantic Service Matching with Leftover and Missing Information
Christian Sánchez and Leonid Sheremetov
p. 198

A Scheme for Simplification of Entity Networks for Fusion of Unstructured Data
Xinghu Zhang, Hian-Beng Lee, and Ho-Keong Chan
p. 204

Modeling and Building an Ontology for Neuropediatric Physiotherapy Domain
Luciana V. Castilho, Heitor S. Lopes, and César A. Tacla
p. 210

Hybrid Fuzzy Modelling

Hybrid Genetic-Fuzzy Optimization of a Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller
Nohe Ramon Cazarez-Castro, Luis T. Aguilar, and Oscar Castillo
p. 216

Fuzzy Case-Based System for Classification Tasks on Missing and Noisy Data
Yanet Rodríguez, Carlos Morell, Ricardo Grau, Maria M. García, and Bernard De Baets
p. 222

An Experiment on the Description of Sequences of Fuzzy Perceptions
Gracian Trivino and Albert van der Heide
p. 228

A New Approach to Design of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems
p. Babak Rezaee

Context-Sensitive Clustering in the Design of Fuzzy Models
Tatiane Marques Nogueira and Heloisa de Arruda Camargo
p. 240

Fuzzy Expert System for Determining the Criticality of Activities in Mega Projects
Javad Jassbi, Hasan Jafari, and Sohrab Khanmohammadi
p. 246

Visualizing the Hybridizations between the Fuzzy Logic Field and the Other Soft-Computing Techniques
A.G. López-Herrera, M.J. Cobo, E. Herrera-Viedma, and F. Herrera
p. 252

Investigation of Fuzzy Models for the Valuation of Residential Premises Using the KEEL Tool
Tadeusz Lasota, Jacek Mazurkiewicz, Bogdan Trawinski, and Krzysztof Trawinski
p. 258

A Hybrid Optimization Method for Fuzzy Classification Systems
X. Wang, X.Z. Gao, and S.J. Ovaska
p. 264

Fast Multiobjective Genetic Rule Learning Using an Efficient Method for Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems Identification
Marco Cococcioni, Beatrice Lazzerini, and Francesco Marcelloni
p. 272

A Multi-Objective Genetic Approach to Concurrently Learn Partition Granularity and Rule Bases of Mamdani Fuzzy Systems
Michela Antonelli, Pietro Ducange, Beatrice Lazzerini, and Francesco Marcelloni
p. 278

Improved Semantic Mapping and SOM Applied to Document Organization
Renato Fernandes Correa and Teresa Bernarda Ludermir
p. 284

Hybrid Multiobjective Optimisation

A Hybridised Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-Criterion Minimum Spanning Tree Problems
Madeleine Davis-Moradkhan and Will N. Browne
p. 290

How Preferences Affect Productivity in the Sugarcane Harvest Problem — A Comparative Study of a Two-Steps MOEA
Diogo F. Pacheco, Tarcísio D.P. Lucas, and Fernando B. de Lima Neto
p. 296

Hybrid Interactive Planning Under Many Objectives: An Application to the Vehicle Routing Problem
Wolf Wenger and Martin Joseph Geiger
p. 302

Applying Pareto-Optimal and JIT Techniques for Supply Chains
Yang Hang, Simon Fong, and Zhuang Yan
p. 308

Hybridizing the Pareto Multi-Objective Optimization Evolutionary Algorithms by Means of Multi-Objective Local Search
Abdelfatteh Haidine and Ralf Lehnert
p. 314

Solving an Open Shop Scheduling Problem by a Novel Hybrid Multi-Objective Ant Colony Optimization
H. Panahi, M. Rabbani, and R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam
p. 320

Hybrid Intelligent Systems and Neural Networks

Neural Networks and Exponential Smoothing Models for Symbolic Interval Time Series Processing — Applications in Stock Market
André Luis Santiago Maia and Francisco de A.T. de Carvalho
p. 326

Evolving Neural Networks for Word Sense Disambiguation
A. Azzini, C. da Costa Pereira, M. Dragoni, and A.G.B. Tettamanzi
p. 332

A Neural Network Classifier of Chess Moves
Cezary Dendek and Jacek Mandziuk
p. 338

Improvement of Temperature Based ANN Models for ETo Prediction in Coastal Locations by Means of Preliminary Models and Exogenous Data
P. Martí, A. Royuela, J. Manzano, and G. Palau
p. 344

Music Composition Using Combination of Genetic Algorithms and Recurrent Neural Networks
Peyman Sheikholharam and Mohammad Teshnehlab
p. 350

A Neural Network-Based Approach to Motion Estimation with Discontinuities
Mohamed Berkane, Patrick Clarysse, and Isabelle E. Magnin
p. 356

Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Learning and Knowledge Discovery

Bagging for a Region Oriented Symbolic Classifier
Renata M.C.R. de Souza and André dos S. Sabóia
p. 362

Fatigue Level Estimation of Bill by Using Supervised SOM Based on Feature-Selected Acoustic Energy Pattern
Masaru Teranishi, Sigeru Omatu, and Toshihisa Kosaka
p. 368

An Efficient Hybrid Artificial Immune Algorithm for Clustering
M. Rabbani and H. Panahi
p. 374

PSO for Fault-Tolerant Nearest Neighbor Classification Employing Reconfigurable, Analog Hardware Implementation in Low Power Intelligent Sensor Systems
Kuncup Iswandy and Andreas Koenig
p. 380

REPMAC: A New Hybrid Approach to Highly Imbalanced Classification Problems
Hernán Ahumada, Guillermo L. Grinblat, Lucas C. Uzal, Pablo M. Granitto, and Alejandro Ceccatto
p. 386

Accuracy and Diversity in Ensemble Systems Composed of ARTMAP-Based Models
Araken M. Santos, Anne M.P. Canuto, and Joao C. Xavier Júnior
p. 392

A Weighted Partitioning Dynamic Clustering Algorithm for Quantitative Feature Data Based on Adaptive Euclidean Distances
Francisco de A.T. de Carvalho and Luciano D.S. Pacifico
p. 398

The Hybrid Integration of Perceptual Symbol Systems and Interactive Reinforcement Learning
Michael John Knowles and Stefan Wermter
p. 404

Adaptive Prediction by Anticipatory Reasoning Based on Temporal Relevant Logic
Jingde Cheng
p. 410

Hidden Markov Models and Text Classifiers for Information Extraction on Semi-Structured Texts
Flavia A. Barros, Eduardo F.A. Silva, Ricardo B.C. Prudencio, Valmir M. Filho, and André C.A. Nascimento
p. 417

Multicategory SVMs by Minimizing the Distances among Convex-Hull Prototypes
Juan Ricardo Nanculef, Carlos Concha, Héctor Allende, Diego Candel, and Claudio Moraga
p. 423


A SVM for GPCR Protein Prediction Using Pattern Discovery
Francisco Nascimento Junior, Ing Ren Tsang, and George D.C. Cavalcanti
p. 429

Bio-Inspired Parameter Tunning of MLP Networks for Gene Expression Analysis
André L.D. Rossi, André C.P.L.F. Carvalho, and Carlos Soares
p. 435

Metalearning for Gene Expression Data Classification
Bruno F. de Souza, André de Carvalho, and Carlos Soares
p. 441

Network Design, Optimization, and Applications

A GRASP Algorithm Using RNN for Solving Dynamics in a P2P Live Video Streaming Network
Marcelo Martínez, Alexis Morón, Franco Robledo, Pablo Rodríguez-Bocca, Héctor Cancela, and Gerardo Rubino
p. 447

A Fuzzy Admission Controller in a QoS-Aware Web Server Architecture
Victor Hugo Barros, Alexandre C.M. Oliveira, and Mario Meireles Teixeira
p. 453

An Artificial Neural Network Approach for Mechanisms of Call Admission Control in UMTS 3G Networks
Anna Izabel Ribeiro, Fátima Duarte-Figueiredo, Gabriel Novy, Carlos Storck, Sérgio M. Dias, and Luis E. Zárate
p. 459

Archiving Strategies for On-Line Decision Making in Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
Mario Köppen, Kaori Yoshida, Masato Tsuru, and Yuji Oie
p. 465

A Hybrid Evolutionary Multi-Objective Algorithm to Setup Explicit Routes in MPLS Networks
Fernando Afonso Santos and Geraldo Robson Mateus
p. 471

Intelligent Operators for Localisation of Dynamic Smart Dust Networks
Graham A. Rollings and David W. Corne
p. 477