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Proceedings of the I Internacional Workshop on Genetic Fuzzy Systems

R. Alcalá, J. Alcalá-Fdez, J. Casillas, O. Cordón, M.J. del Jesus, F. Herrera, I. Rojas, R. Pérez, P. Villar (Eds.)

Table of Contents

Plenary Lecture

An Evolutionary process for designing and maintaining a fuzzy instance-based model (FIM)
Piero P. Bonissone, Anil Varma, S. Aggour
p. 3

Session 1. Evolutionary learning and tuning of fuzzy rule-based systems I

Multiobjective Fuzzy Genetics-Based Machine Learning
H. Ishibuchi, Y. Nojima
p. 3

Augmentation of TSK Fuzzy Controllers by Evolutionary Optimization
S. Hölemann, F. Hoffmann, D. Schauten
p. 16

Multiobjective Evolutionary design of Fuzzy Systems
J. González, I. Rojas, H. Pomares, L.J. Herrera, A. Guillén
p. 23

Session 2. Genetic Fuzzy Systems and Robotics

Online tuning of a fuzzy controller in mobile robotics
M. Mucientes, A. Bugarín, S. Barro
p. 30

Tuning a visual fuzzy system using SPEA2
R. Muñoz-Salinas, E. Aguirre, M. Garcia-Silvente, A. Gonzalez
p. 37

Reinforcement Learning by an Accuracy-Based Fuzzy Classifier System with Real-valued Output
J. Casillas, B. Carse, L. Bull
p. 44

Session 3. Genetic fuzzy systems for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Intelligent Attributes using Genetic Fuzzy System for Decision Trees
J.F. Baldwin, S.B. Karale
p. 51

Evolutionary Induction of Descriptive Fuzzy Rules in a Market Problem
M.J. del Jesus, P. González, F. Herrera, M. Mesonero
p. 57

A Classifier System-Based Learning Algorithm for Interpretable, Adaptive Nearest Neighbour Classifier
F. Klawonn, K. Tschumitschew
p. 64

A Multiobjective Evolutionary Fuzzy System for Promoter Discovery in E. Coli
R. Romero, O. Cordon, C. Rubio, I. Zwir
p. 68

Evolving Computational Intelligence Systems
N. Kasabov, P. Angelov
p. 76

Session 4. Applications of genetic fuzzy systems

Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy Clustering and Discrete Event Systems: An Application in Scheduling
F. Mota, R. Gonçalves, F. Gomide
p. 83

Genetic Fuzzy systems in stand.alone photovoltaic systems
S. Garcia, J.C. Bago, J. Aguilera, J.R. Velasco, L. Magdalena
p. 89

Automatic Design Generation of Component-based Systems using GA and Fuzzy Optimization
P. Angelov, Y. ZHang, J. Wright
p. 95

Optimization of an Autonomous Car Fuzzy Control System via Genetic Algorithms
J. Alonso, N. Serrano, T. de Pedro, C. Gonzalez, R. Garcia
p. 101

Session 5. Evolutionary learning and tuning of fuzzy rule-based systems II

A New Genetic Fuzzy System Based on Linguistic 2-Tuples to Learn Knowledge Bases
R. Alcalá, J. Alcala-Fdez, F. Herrera, J. Otero
p. 107

An Experiment with Local and Global Errors in Fuzzy Rules Extraction
A.R. de Soto, C.A. Capdevila, C.G. Testera, E. Cuervo
p. 113

Evolutionary Strategies for Learning of Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
M. Gabryel, K. Cpalka, L. Rutkowski
p. 119

Advocating the use of Imprecisely Observed Data in Genetic Fuzzy Systems
L. Sanchez, I. Couso
p. 124

Session 6. Genetic fuzzy systems and the interpretability-accuracy trade-off

Evaluation and interpretability-preserving optimization of a fuzzy ordered classifier
E.V. Broekhoven, V. Adriaenssens, B. de Baets
p. 130

Learning Fuzzy Rules using Genetic Programming: Context-free grammar definition for high-dimensionality problems
F.J. Berlanga, M.J. del Jesús, F. Herrera
p. 136

Hierarchical FLS Design Using Multi-Agent Genetic Approach
I. Kallel, T.M. Jelleli, A.M. Alimi
p. 142

Interpretability Enhancement of Fuzzy Modeling using Ant Colony Optimization
P. Carmona, J.L. Castro
p. 148