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Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Genetic and Evolving Fuzzy Systems (GEFS'2008)

F. Hoffmann, O. Cordón, P. Angelov and F. Klawonn

Table of Contents

Keynote Talks

Pareto-optimality is Everywhere: From Engineering Design, Machine Learning, to Biological Systems
Yaochu Jin
p. 1

Concepts of Evolvable and Knowledge-Consistent Fuzzy Models
Witold Pedrycz
p. 3

Session I: Evolutionary Fuzzy Rule-Based Classifiers

Designing Fuzzy Rule-Based Classifiers that can Visually Explain their Classification Results to Human Users
Hisao Ishibuchi, Yutaka Kaisho, Yusuke Nojima
p. 5

A First Study on Bagging Fuzzy Rule-based Classification Systems with Multicriteria Genetic Selection of the Component Classifiers
Oscar Cordón, Arnaud Quirin and Luciano Sánchez
p. 11

Evolving Fuzzy Classifier System Using PSO for RoboCup Vision Applications
Narges Shamshiri Milani, Alireza Kashanipour, Amir Reza Kashanipour
p. 17

Session II: Evolving Fuzzy Systems

Instantaneous Anomaly Detection in Online Learning Fuzzy Systems
Werner Brockmann, Nils Rosemann
p. 23

Towards a Fuzzy Evaluation of the Adaptivity Degree of an Evolving Agent
Ilhem Kallel, Sameh Mezghani, Adel M. Alimi
p. 29

Applying Evolving Fuzzy Models with Adaptive Local Error Bars to On-Line Fault Detection
Edwin Lughofer and Carlos Guardiola
p. 35

Evolving Fuzzy Inferential Sensors for Process Industry
Plamen Angelov, Arthur Kordon, Xiaowei Zhou
p. 41

Session III: Multiobjective and Coevolutionary Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems

Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization
Hisao Ishibuchi, Noritaka Tsukamoto, Yusuke Nojima
p. 47

Coevolutionary Fuzzy Multiagent Bidding Strategies in Competitive Electricity Markets
Igor Walter, Fernando Gomide
p. 53

Tuning a Fuzzy Racing Car by Coevolution
Sergio Guadarrama, Ruben Vazquez
p. 59

Session IV: Genetic Fuzzy Systems I

Driving Condition Recognition for Genetic-Fuzzy HEV Control
M. Montazeri-Gh, A. Ahmadi, M. Asadi
p. 65

Evolutionary Generation of Rule Base in TSK Fuzzy Model for Real Estate Appraisal
Tadeusz Lasota, Bogdan Trawiñski, Krzysztof Trawiñski
p. 71

Evolutionary Identification of a Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network with Enhanced Memory Capabilities
D. G. Stavrakoudis, A. K. Papastamoulis, J. B. Theocharis
p. 77

Session V: Genetic Fuzzy Systems II

KEEL: A Data Mining Software Tool Integrating Genetic Fuzzy Systems
Jesús Alcalá-Fdez, Salvador García, Francisco José Berlanga, Alberto Fernández, Luciano Sánchez, M.J. del Jesus, Francisco Herrera
p. 83

Toward Evolving Consistent, Complete, and Compact Fuzzy Rule Sets for Classification Problems
Jorge Casillas, Albert Orriols-Puig, Ester Bernadó-Mansilla
p. 89

Session VI: Genetic Programming-based Genetic Fuzzy Systems

Processing Times Estimation in a Manufacturing Industry through Genetic Programming
Manuel Mucientes, Juan C. Vidal, Alberto Bugarín, Manuel Lama
p. 95

A Novel Genetic Cooperative-Competitive Fuzzy Rule Based Learning Method using Genetic Programming for High Dimensional Problems
Francisco José Berlanga, María José del Jesus, Francisco Herrera
p. 101