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2019 (2)

2018 (2)

  • [2372] R. Olmos, S. Tabik, F. Herrera. Automatic Handgun Detection Alarm in Videos Using Deep Learning. Neurocomputing 275, 66-72 (2018).. doi: 10.1016/j.neucom.2017.05.012
  • [2627] S. Tabik, M. Peemen, L. F. Romero. A tuning approach for iterative multiple 3d stencil pipeline on GPUs: Anisotropic Nonlinear Diffusion algorithm as case study. The Journal of Supercomputing 74:4 (2018) 1580-1608. doi: 10.1007/s11227-017-2184-6

2017 (1)

  • [2190] S. Tabik, D. Peralta, A. Herrera-Poyatos, F. Herrera. A snapshot of image pre-processing for convolutional neural networks: case study of MNIST. International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems 10 (2017) 555-568. PDF Icon