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Papers published in Journals (J.A. Moral-Muñoz)

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In Press (1)

2019 (2)

  • [2564] L. Ruiz-González, D. Lucena-Antón, A. Salazar, R. Martín-Valero, J.A. Moral-Muñoz. Physical Therapy in Down Syndrome: Systematic review and Meta-analysis. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research.
  • [2620] V. Perez-Cabezas, C. Ruiz-Molinero, B. Nuñez-Moraleda, J.J. Jimenez-Rejano, R. Chillon-Martinez, J.A. Moral-Muñoz. Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Zika infection: Identifying leading producers, countries relative specialization, and collaboration. FEMS Microbiology Letters.

2018 (10)

2016 (1)

2015 (2)

2014 (1)