Noisy Data in Data Mining (2005)

2005 (4 papers)

  • Khoshgoftaar TM, Van Hulse J. Identifying noisy features with the pairwise attribute noise detection algorithm. Intelligent Data Analysis 2005;9(6):589-602.
  • Khoshgoftaar TM, Zhong S, Joshi V. Enhancing software quality estimation using ensemble-classifier based noise filtering. Intelligent Data Analysis 2005;9(1):3-27.
  • Wang F-. On acquiring classification knowledge from noisy data based on rough set. Expert Syst Appl 2005;29(1):49-64.
  • Kumar R, Jayaraman VK, Kulkarni BD. An SVM classifier incorporating simultaneous noise reduction and feature selection: Illustrative case examples. Pattern Recognit 2005;38(1):41-9.