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Soft Computing - A Fusion of Foundations, Methodologies and Applications
Volume 13, Number 5, 2009
Special Issue on Genetic Fuzzy Systems: Recent Developments and Future Directions

J. Casillas, B. Carse (Eds.)

Table of Contents

Special issue on "Genetic Fuzzy Systems: Recent Developments and Future Directions".
Jorge Casillas and B. Carse
p. 417-418

Adaptation and application of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for rule reduction and parameter tuning of fuzzy rule-based systems.
María José Gacto, Rafael Alcalá and Francisco Herrera
p. 419-436

Context adaptation of fuzzy systems through a multi-objective evolutionary approach based on a novel interpretability index.
Alessio Botta, Beatrice Lazzerini, Francesco Marcelloni and Dan C. Stefanescu
p. 437-449

Learning consistent, complete and compact sets of fuzzy rules in conjunctive normal form for regression problems.
Jorge Casillas, Pedro Martínez and Alicia D. Benítez
p. 451-465

Obtaining linguistic fuzzy rule-based regression models from imprecise data with multiobjective genetic algorithms.
Luciano Sánchez, José Otero and Inés Couso
p. 467-479

A neuro-coevolutionary genetic fuzzy system to design soft sensors.
Myriam Regattieri Delgado, Elaine Yassue Nagai and Lúcia Valéria Ramos de Arruda
p. 481-495

Processing time estimations by variable structure TSK rules learned through genetic programming.
Manuel Mucientes, Juan C. Vidal, Alberto Bugarín and Manuel Lama
p. 497-509

Parallel distributed genetic fuzzy rule selection.
Yusuke Nojima, Hisao Ishibuchi and Isao Kuwajima
p. 511-519

A genetic-fuzzy mining approach for items with multiple minimum supports.
Chun-Hao Chen, Tzung-Pei Hong, Vincent S. Tseng and Chang-Shing Lee
p. 521-533