Organization & Editorial Activities: Edited Journal Special Issues

Soft Computing
Volume 10, Number 9, Pages 715-864 (July 2006)
Special Issue on New Trends in the Fuzzy Modeling. Part I: Novel Approaches

A.M. Alimi, F. Herrera (Eds.)

Table of Contents

New trends in the fuzzy modeling part I: novel approaches - EDITORIAL
Adel M. Alimi, Francisco Herrera
Pages 715-716

Hybrid learning models to get the interpretability-accuracy trade-off in fuzzy modeling
Rafael Alcalá, Jesús Alcalá-Fdez, Jorge Casillas, Oscar Cordón, Francisco Herrera
Pages 717-734

Multi-objective evolution of fuzzy systems
Jesús González, Ignacio Rojas, Héctor Pomares, Fernando Rojas, José Manuel Palomares
Pages 735-748

Reducing the number of parameters of a fuzzy system using scaling functions
Frank Klawonn
Pages 749-756

MAGAD-BFS: A learning method for Beta fuzzy systems based on a multi-agent genetic algorithm
Ilhem Kallel and Adel M. Alimi
Pages 757-772

Expert guided integration of induced knowledge into a fuzzy knowledge base
Serge Guillaume and Luis Magdalena
Pages 773-784

Genetic polynomial regression as input selection algorithm for non-linear identification
K. Maertens, J. De Baerdemaeker, R. Babu¨ka
Pages 785-795

Construction of fuzzy knowledge bases incorporating feature selection
Ning Xiong and Peter Funk
Pages 796-804

A genetic method for designing TSK models based on objective weighting: application to classification problems
S. E. Papadakis and J. B. Theocharis
Pages 805-824

Induction of descriptive fuzzy classifiers with the Logitboost algorithm
José Otero and Luciano Sánchez
Pages 825-835

Fuzzy systems design: direct and indirect approaches
Plamen Angelov and Costas Xydeas
Pages 836-849

An approach to fuzzy default reasoning for function approximation
Hisao Ishibuchi, Takashi Yamamoto, Tomoharu Nakashima
Pages 850-864