Organization & Editorial Activities: Edited Journal Special Issues

Soft Computing
Volume 10, Number 10, Pages 865-980 (August 2006)
Special Issue on New Trends in the Fuzzy Modeling. Part II: Applications

A.M. Alimi, F. Herrera (Eds.)

Table of Contents

New trends in fuzzy modeling. part II: applications - EDITORIAL
Adel M. Alimi, Francisco Herrera
Pages 865 - 865

Hierarchical fuzzy rule based systems using an information theoretic approach
Antony Waldock, Brian Carse, Chris Melhuish
Pages 867 - 879

Evolutionary learning of a fuzzy controller for wall-following behavior in mobile robotics
M. Mucientes, D. L. Moreno, A. Bugarín, S. Barro
Pages 881 - 889

Multiple fuzzy state-value functions for human evaluation through interactive trajectory planning of a partner robot
Naoyuki Kubota, Yusuke Nojima, Fumio Kojima, Toshio Fukuda
Pages 891 - 901

Design of coordination strategies in multiagent systems via genetic fuzzy systems
Igor Walter and Fernando Gomide
Pages 903 - 915

A fuzzy rule system describing transfer passenger movements
A. Temme and R. Kruse
Pages 917 - 923

Mining fuzzy sequential patterns from quantitative transactions
Tzung-Pei Hong, Kuei-Ying Lin, Shyue-Liang Wang
Pages 925 - 932