Organization & Editorial Activities: Edited Journal Special Issues

Mathware and Soft Computing
Volume VI, Number 1, 1999

J.L. Castro, A. Gonzalez, F. Herrera (Eds.)

Table of Contents

Some Properties Concerning the Quasi-inverse of a t-norm
Dionis Boixader

The Embedding of the Formal Concept Analysis into the L-Fuzzy Concept Theory
A. Burusco and R. Fuentes-Gonzalez

The Logic of Neural Networks
J.L. Castro and E. Trillas

On Some Inexact Relations in Probabilized Boolean Algebras
Susana Cubillo

Convex Isomorphisms of Archimedean Lattice Ordered Groups
Jan Jakubik

On Some Geometric Transformation of t-norms
Erich Peter Klement, Radko Mesiar and Endre Pap

On (Anti) Conditional Independence in Dempster-Shafer Theory
Mieczyslaw A. Klopotek

Triangular Norm-Based Addition Preserving Linearity of T-Sums of Linear Fuzzy Intervals
Anna Kolesarova

The Distribution of Mathematical Expectations of a Randomized Fuzzy Variable
V.B. Kuzmin and S.I. Travkin

On Boolean Modus Ponens
Sergiu Rudeanu

Vagueness and Its Representations: A Unifying Look
Maciej Wygralak