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International Journal of Intelligent Systems
Volume 13, Numbers 10-11, October-November 1998

F. Herrera, L. Magdalena (Eds.)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Genetic fuzzy systems
Francisco Herrera, Luis Magdalena
p. 887-890

Genetic-based on-line learning for fuzzy process control
Juan R. Velasco
p. 891-903

Artificial evolution of fuzzy rule bases which represent time: A temporal fuzzy classifier system
Brian Carse, Terence C. Fogarty, Alistair Munro
p. 905-927

Context adaptation in fuzzy processing and genetic algorithms
Ricardo Gudwin, Fernando Gomide, Witold Pedrycz
p. 929-948

Learning fuzzy control by evolutionary and advantage reinforcements
Munir-ul M. Chowdhury, Yun Li
p. 949-974

Fuzzy clustering with evolutionary algorithms
Frank Klawonn, Annette Keller
p. 975-991

Crossing unordered sets of rules in evolutionary fuzzy controllers
Luis Magdalena
p. 993-1010

Multistage control of a stochastic system in a fuzzy environment using a genetic algorithm
Janusz Kacprzyk
p. 1011-1023

Genetic learning of fuzzy rule-based classification systems cooperating with fuzzy reasoning methods
Oscar Cordón, María José del Jesus, Francisco Herrera
p. 1025-1053