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International Journal of Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Volume 7, Issue 1 (February 2010),
Special Issue on Hybrid Fuzzy Models

J.M. Benítez, S. García, S. Caballé, A. Juan (Eds)

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial
J.M. Benítez, S. García, S. Caballé, A. Juan (Eds)
p. 1 - 1, doi: 10.3233/HIS-2010-0100

Comparison of data driven models for the valuation of residential premises using KEEL
Tadeusz Lasota, Jacek Mazurkiewicz, Bogdan Trawinski and Krzysztof Trawinski
p. 3 - 16, doi: 10.3233/HIS-2010-0101

A bibliometric study about the research based on hybridating the fuzzy logic field and the other computational intelligent techniques: A visual approach
A.G. López-Herrera, M.J. Cobo, E. Herrera-Viedma and F. Herrera
p. 17 - 32, doi: 10.3233/HIS-2010-0102

Fuzzy-CCM: A context-sensitive approach to fuzzy modeling
Tatiane Marques Nogueira and Heloisa de Arruda Camargo
p. 33 - 43, doi: 10.3233/HIS-2010-0103

Comparing two genetic overproduce-and-choose strategies for fuzzy rule-based multiclassification systems generated by bagging and mutual information-based feature selection
Oscar Cordón and Arnaud Quirin
p. 45 - 64, doi: 10.3233/HIS-2010-0104

A goal-related distance function on fuzzy partitions and its use in nearest neighbour classification
Yanet Rodriguez, Bernard De Baets and Carlos Morell
p. 65 - 73, doi: 10.3233/HIS-2010-0105

CO^2RBFN for short-term forecasting of the extra virgin olive oil price in the Spanish market
M.D. Pérez-Godoy, P. Pérez, A.J. Rivera, M.J. del Jesus, C.J. Carmona, M.P. Frías and M. Parras
p. 75 - 87, doi: 10.3233/HIS-2010-0106