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International Journal of Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Volume 6, Number 2, Pages 67-122 (April 2009)
Special Issue on Data Mining and Hybrid Intelligent Systems

Fatos Xhafa, F. Herrera, Mario Köppen (Eds.),

Table of Contents

Guest-editorial: Special issue on Data mining and hybrid intelligent systems
Fatos Xhafa, Francisco Herrera and Mario Köppen
p. 67, DOI 10.3233/HIS-2009-0086

AD-SVMs: A light extension of SVMs for multicategory classification
Ricardo Ñanculef, Carlos Concha, Héctor Allende, Diego Candel and Claudio Moraga
p. 69-79, DOI 10.3233/HIS-2009-0087

Analysis and improvement of the genetic discovery component of XCS
Sergio Morales-Ortigosa, Albert Orriols-Puig and Ester Bernadó-Mansilla
p. 81-95, DOI 10.3233/HIS-2009-0088

Case-based reasoning as a decision support system for cancer diagnosis: A case study
Juan F. De Paz, Sara Rodríguez, Javier Bajo and Juan M. Corchado
p. 97-110, DOI 10.3233/HIS-2009-0089

Diagnosing patients with a combination of principal component analysis and case based reasoning
Carles Pous, Dani Caballero and Beatriz Lopez
p. 111-122, DOI 10.3233/HIS-2009-0090