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International Journal of Approximate Reasoning
Volume 50, Issue 1, (January 2009).
Special Issue on Soft Computing in Image Processing: Recent Advances

M. Nachtegael, S. Damas, D. Van der Weken, E. E. Kerre (Eds.)

Table of Contents

Special issue on recent advances in soft computing in image processing
M. Nachtegael, S. Damas, D. Van der Weken, E. E. Kerre
p. 1-2

A soft computing-based approach to spatio-temporal prediction
Rúbia E.O. Schultz, Tania M. Centeno, Gilles Selleron, Myriam R. Delgado
p. 3-20

Approximation by Shepard type pseudo-linear operators and applications to Image Processing
Barnabás Bede, Emil Daniel Schwab, Hajime Nobuhara, Imre J. Rudas
p. 21-36

An unsupervised context-sensitive change detection technique based on modified self-organizing feature map neural network
Susmita Ghosh, Swarnajyoti Patra, Ashish Ghosh
p. 37-50

Quality-augmented fusion of level-2 and level-3 fingerprint information using DSm theory
Mayank Vatsa, Richa Singh, Afzel Noore, Max M. Houck
p. 51-61