Special Issue

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Volume 12, Issue 3
Computing with Words and Perceptions

Danuta Rutkowska, Janusz Kacprzyk, Lotfi A. Zadeh (Eds.)

Table of Contents

From computing with numbers to computing with words - From manipulation of measurements to manipulation of perceptions

Lotfi A. Zadeh

Pages 307-324


An architecture for making judgments using computing with words

Jerry M. Mendel

Pages 325-335


Computing with words and life data

Przemyslaw Grzegorzewski, Olgierd Hryniewicz

Pages 337-345


Relations of granular worlds

Witold Pedrycz, George Vukovich

Pages 347-357


Upper and lower set formulas: Restriction and modification of the Dempster-Pawlak formalism

Ismail Burhan Türksen

Pages 359-369


A context-based approach to linguistic hedges

Martine De Cock, Etienne E. Kerre

Pages 371-382

Imposing restrictions on density functions utilised in computing with words

Marcus Gemeinder

Pages 383-290


Towards a linguistic description of dependencies in data

Ildar Batyrshin, Michael Wagenknecht

Pages 391-401


On granular derivatives and the solution of a granular initial value problem

Ildar Batyrshin

Pages 403-410


Fuzzy-arithmetic-based Lyapunov synthesis in the design of stable fuzzy controllers: A computing-with-words approach

Changjiu Zhou

Pages 411-421


Supply chain: Crisp and fuzzy aspects

Mohammad Hossein Fazel Zarandi, Ismail Burhan Türksen, Soroosh Saghiri

Pages 423-435


Improving the generalization ability of neuro-fuzzy systems by E-insensitive learning

Jacek Leski

Pages 437-447


Synthesis and evaluation analysis of the indicator information in nuclear safeguards applications by computing with words

Jun Liu, Da Ruan, Roland Carchon

Pages 449-462