I International workshop on Genetic Fuzzy System


After almost forty years of development, fuzzy systems have demonstrated their superb ability to solve different problems arising in various application domains. In the last few years, there has been a rapidly growing interest to augment fuzzy systems with learning and adaptation capabilities. Since the first pioneer works dated back to 1991, one of the most successful approaches to hybridize fuzzy systems with learning and adaptation methods has resulted in so-called genetic fuzzy systems. These soft computing techniques augment the approximate reasoning method of fuzzy systems with the learning capabilities of evolutionary algorithms.

Now that the topic has reached maturity, and hundreds of papers have been published, special sessions have been organized in conferences, special issues have been edited in journals, and several books have been written and edited, it becomes timely to bring together researchers and practitioners. The objective of this workshop is to build a vibrant forum for exchanging ideas and fostering further interaction.

Organized by

Genetic Fuzzy Systems Task Force
Fuzzy Systems Technical Committee
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
Soft Computing and Intelligent Information
Systems Research Group
University of Granada


Sponsored by

In cooperation with the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
Vicerectorate for Research
(University of Granada)


Paper submission:
15th of December 2004
17th of January 2005
Acceptance notification:
20th of January 2005
Final version due:
10th of February 2005
GFS 2005 Workshop:
17th-19th of March 2005


Researchers and practitioners interested on the subject of the Conference are kindly invited to send their contributions, with theoretical results or innovating applications.

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Non exclusive list of possible topics

  • Evolutionary learning and tuning of fuzzy rule-based systems
  • Evolutionary selection of fuzzy rules
  • Multiobjective evolutionary design of fuzzy rule-based systems
  • Genetic fuzzy systems and the interpretability-accuracy trade-off
  • Genetic fuzzy neural networks
  • Genetic fuzzy clustering
  • Genetic fuzzy systems for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • Genetic fuzzy systems and Robotics
  • Genetic fuzzy systems and the Internet
  • Genetic fuzzy systems for Bioinformatics and Medicine
  • Applications of genetic fuzzy systems


General Program

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15:00 Registration

16:00 - 16:30 Opening

16:30 - 18:00: Session 1. Evolutionary learning and tuning of fuzzy rule-based systems I

Chairman: Plamen Angelov

Multiobjective Fuzzy Genetics-Based Machine Learning
H. Ishibuchi, Y. Nojima

Augmentation of TSK Fuzzy Controllers by Evolutionary Optimization
S. Hölemann, F. Hoffmann, D. Schauten

Multiobjective Evolutionary design of Fuzzy Systems
J. González, I. Rojas, H. Pomares, L.J. Herrera, A. Guillén

18:00 - 18:30 Coffee break

18:30 - 20:00: Session 2. Genetic Fuzzy Systems and Robotics

Chairman: Frank Hoffmann

Online tuning of a fuzzy controller in mobile robotics
M. Mucientes, A. Bugarín, S. Barro

Tuning a visual fuzzy system using SPEA2
R. Muñoz-Salinas, E. Aguirre, M. Garcia-Silvente, A. Gonzalez

Reinforcement Learning by an Accuracy-Based Fuzzy Classifier System with Real-valued Output
J. Casillas, B. Carse, L. Bull

21:00 Dinner at Monte Blanco Restaurant (bus transport from the workshop venue included)


9:00-10:00: Plenary Lecture

Introduced by Oscar Cordon

An Evolutionary Process for Designing and Maintaining a Fuzzy Instance-based Model (FIM)

P.P. Bonissone

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee break

10:30 - 13:00: Session 3. Genetic fuzzy systems for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Chairman: Fernando Gomide

Intelligent Attributes using Genetic Fuzzy System for Decision Trees
J.F. Baldwin, S.B. Karale

Evolutionary Induction of Descriptive Fuzzy Rules in a Market Problem
M.J. del Jesus, P. González, F. Herrera, M. Mesonero

A Classifier System-Based Learning Algorithm for Interpretable, Adaptive Nearest Neighbour Classifier
F. Klawonn, K. Tschumitschew

A Multiobjective Evolutionary Fuzzy System for Promoter Discovery in E. Coli
R. Romero, O. Cordon, C. Rubio, I. Zwir

Evolving Computational Intelligence Systems
N. Kasabov, P. Angelov

13:00 - 15:00 Lunch

15:00 - 17:00: Session 4. Applications of genetic fuzzy systems

Chairman: Brian Carse

Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy Clustering and Discrete Event Systems: An Application in Scheduling
F. Mota, R. Gonçalves, F. Gomide

Genetic Fuzzy systems in stand.alone photovoltaic systems
S. Garcia, J.C. Bago, J. Aguilera, J.R. Velasco, L. Magdalena

Automatic Design Generation of Component-based Systems using GA and Fuzzy Optimization
P. Angelov, Y. ZHang, J. Wright

Optimization of an Autonomous Car Fuzzy Control System via Genetic Algorithms
J. Alonso, N. Serrano, T. de Pedro, C. Gonzalez, R. Garcia

17:00 - 17:30 Coffee break

17:30 - 19:30: Session 5. Evolutionary learning and tuning of fuzzy rule-based systems II

Chairman: Jorge Casillas

A New Genetic Fuzzy System Based on Linguistic 2-Tuples to Learn Knowledge Bases
R. Alcalá, J. Alcala-Fdez, F. Herrera, J. Otero

An Experiment with Local and Global Errors in Fuzzy Rules Extraction
A.R. de Soto, C.A. Capdevila, C.G. Testera, E. Cuervo

Evolutionary Strategies for Learning of Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
M. Gabryel, K. Cpalka, L. Rutkowski

Advocating the use of Imprecisely Observed Data in Genetic Fuzzy Systems
L. Sanchez, I. Couso

21:00 Dinner at Paco Restaurant


9:30 - 11:30: Session 6. Genetic fuzzy systems and the interpretability-accuracy trade-off

Chairman: Ignacio Rojas

Evaluation and interpretability-preserving optimization of a fuzzy
ordered classifier E.V. Broekhoven, V. Adriaenssens, B. de Baets

Learning Fuzzy Rules using Genetic Programming: Context-free grammar definition for high-dimensionality problems
F.J. Berlanga, M.J. del Jesús, F. Herrera

Hierarchical FLS Design Using Multi-Agent Genetic Approach
I. Kallel, T.M. Jelleli, A.M. Alimi

Interpretability Enhancement of Fuzzy Modeling using Ant Colony Optimization
P. Carmona, J.L. Castro

11:30 - 12:00 Coffee break

12:00 - 13:15 Round Table

13:15 - 13:30 Workshop Closure

13:30 - 15:30 Lunch

16:00 Visit to the Alhambra (bus transport from the workshop venue included)


General Chairs

Oscar Cordón Francisco Herrera


Organizing Committee

Jesús Alcalá Ignacio Rojas
Rafael Alcalá Raúl Pérez
Jorge Casillas Pedro Villar
María J. del Jesus


Program Committee

Rafael Alcalá (Spain) Serge Guillaume (France)
Adel M. Alimi (Tunisia) Hani Hagras (UK)
Plamen Angelov (UK) Frank Hoffmann (Germany)
Robert Babuska (Netherlands) T.P. Hong (Taiwan)
Peter Baranyi (Hungary) Hisao Ishibuchi (Japan)
Luc Barón (Canada) Yaochu Jin (Germany)
Andrea Bonarini (Italy) Frank Klawonn (Germany)
Piero Bonissone (USA) Naoyuki Kubota (Japan)
Alberto Bugarín (Spain) Luis Magdalena (Spain)
Brian Carse (UK) Witold Pedrycz (Canada)
Jorge Casillas (Spain) Carlos A. Peña-Reyes (Switzerland)
France Cheong (Australia) Tony Pipe (UK)
María J. del Jesus (Spain) Ignacio Rojas (Spain)
Dimitar Filev (USA) Luciano Sánchez (Spain)
Takeshi Furuhashi (Japan) Tom Sudkamp (USA)
Pierre Y. Glorennec (France) J. B. Theocharis (Greece)
A. Gómez-Skarmeta (Spain) Juan R. Velasco (Spain)
Fernando Gomide (Brazil) Xin Yao (UK)
Antonio González  (Spain)  


Registration fees

Normal fee
300 €
PhD Students
200 €

The workshop will run from the evening of thursday, march 17 2005, to the late evening of saturday, march 19 2005.

A registration fee of 300 EUR will include:

  • a copy of the workshop proceedings,
  • all the coffee breaks served during the three workshop days,
  • two gala dinners on the nights of thurday 17th and friday 18th,
  • two lunches on friday 18th and saturday 19th, including the bus transports from the conference hotel to the restaurants, and
  • the social programme (a visit to the Alhambra on saturday 19th evening, including tickets and bus transport)

A reduced fee of 200 EUR is available for PhD students, including all the previous services but:

  • the two gala dinners, and
  • the social programme

Payment information

Registration payments are to be made by bank transfer, sent to the following account:

Account number:
2031 0438 34 0115099807
Bank name:
Caja Granada
Bank address:
La Zubia II. C/ Carretera de Gojar, 7. 18140. La Zubia. Granada. Spain

Please, be sure that the full fee amount is transferred. Payments sent must be free of charges.

After ordering the bank transfer, provide us a proof of the remittance (a copy of the transfer order) together with the registration form by fax (+34-958243317). Additionally, students must also send a proof of enrollment in any PhD programme.

Registration form can be downloaded here:

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