CoSECiVi was born as the main event of the Spanish Society for Video Game Science (SECiVi). In line with the multidisciplinary nature of videogame creation, CoSECiVi aims to be a meeting point between researchers from different disciplines, from the Humanities to Engineering, connected by the interest in videogames, either as an object of study or instrument through which to achieve other aims. The aim is thus to facilitate collaboration and the discovery of synergies between research groups that, because they belong to different scientific communities, usually do not coincide in scientific forums. And precisely to favour this mutual knowledge, in addition to regular and emerging works, the Congress has included a category of disclosure of relevant works already published with abstracts of works that are considered relevant to the SECiVi community.

The Congress will accept articles written in both English and Spanish, covering different areas, from the application of artificial intelligence techniques, and in particular automatic learning and genetic algorithms, for the development of non-playing characters that are credible, the dynamic adjustment of the difficulty of videogames, the development of serious video game applications, the use of virtual reality, the procedural generation of content for videogames.


Technical Secretary


Granada, más deslumbrante que la flor, más sabrosa que la fruta de la que toma su nombre, parece una virgen tumbada al sol - Alejandro Dumas


Topics of interest for this Workshop include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Cultural aspects of game design
  • Art and entertainment
  • Affective computing
  • Design of interactive sound
  • Edutainment
  • Ubiquitous entertainment
  • Exergaming
  • Physics for video games
  • Procedural generation of content
  • Artificial Intelligence for video games
  • Computer graphics for video games
  • Methodologies, paradigms and tools for developing entertainment applications
  • Music and sound
  • Interactive narrative
  • Video games and health
  • Localization and translation for video games
  • Accesibility
  • Serious Games

Program Committee

Isabel BarbanchoUniversity of Málaga
Carlos Blanco BuenoUniversity of Cantabria
David CamachoAutonomous University of Madrid
Miguel ChoverUniversity Jaume I
Antonio J. Fernández LeivaUniversity of Málaga
Francisco J. Gallego DuránUniversity of Alicante
Pablo García SánchezUniversity of Cádiz
Marco Antonio Gómez MartínComplutense University of Madrid
Pedro Antonio González CaleroComplutense University of Madrid
Antonio González PardoAutonomous University of Madrid
Pascual GonzálezUniversity of Castilla-La Mancha
Javier JaénPolytechnic University of Valencia
Raúl Lara CabreraAutonomous University of Madrid
Carlos León AznarComplutense University of Madrid
Antonio M. Mora GarcíaUniversity of Granada
Gustavo PatowUniversitat de Girona
Federico Peinado GilComplutense University of Madrid
Luis Peña SánchezRey Juan Carlos University
Diego Perez LiebanaQueen Mary University of London, UK
Antonio Sánchez Ruiz-GranadosComplutense University of Madrid

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