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With the aim of highlighting the practical importance of artificial intelligence, and due to the important boom in recent years is experiencing the development of applications for mobile devices (Apps), CAEPIA'18 is convening the 3rd contest to develop Apps based on Artificial Intelligence techniques.

The Apps developed will be accompanied by a written document with the format and content detailed in the following section. Papers received will be subject to prior evaluation, and those accepted in the competition will be published in AEPIA's minutes, and presented in a poster session. A jury will determine the winning application.

Apps Requirements

The following aspects will be observed:

  • Artificial Intelligence: The use of some artificial intelligence technique must be key in the main functionality of the application.
  • State of development: The application should be fully functional. Furthermore, it does not have to depend on external files or libraries for its correct execution.
  • Language: The language of the applications will be Spanish or English.
  • Operating System: Only applications will be accepted for iOS and Android operating systems.

Upload Requirements

  • Content: An explanatory PDF document with a maximum length of 4 pages, as well as a text document with the download link for the App, must be submitted via the congress's EasyChair page (track Apps Competition).
    It is also recommended to make a video demonstration of the application. This video must have a maximum duration of 3 minutes, and it must explain both the handling and the artificial intelligence technique that supports the application.
    The main document presenting the application should be structured as follows:
    • Title: CAEPIA-APP Competition: App Title.
    • Data: Name and surname of all the creators who will appear as authors, as well as their affiliation (department, institution, etc.).
    • Content: The document should clearly address the following points:
      • A brief description of the application, tools used, main functionality and AI-related technique used.
      • Link to the video.
      • Justification of why the problem has been chosen to solve.
      • Justification of the choice of a specific AI technique, including a brief introduction to the technique.
      • Discussion on the usefulness and feasibility of the application.
      • Main conclusions.
      • References used related to application development, the problem solved and the technique used.
  • Originality of the work: A document will be required in which the authors declare the originality of the App presented. The corresponding form must be downloaded from the following link, completed and signed by all authors and the App. It is essential to send this document to participate in the competition.
  • Obligation of participants: At least one author must register at the congress. Likewise, one of the authors must be present at the session in which the applications will be presented.

Apps Evaluation

The review and evaluation shall consist of two phases:

  1. Expression of interest: Contestants interested in participating should submit an expression of interest consisting of an abstract of no more than two pages on the following aspects of the App:
    • brief description of the main functionality of the App
    • IA technique(s) on which it is based
    • technologies and tools used
    • usefulness and feasibility of the App

    At this stage it is not necessary to send the App or the optional explanatory video. The shipment must be made before 20 June 2018. Once it has been verified that the expressions of interest meet the delivery requirements, the authors will be informed if their work has been accepted in this first phase.

  2. Competition: All selected Apps will participate in the previous phase. In this phase, the participants must complete the previous submission, extending the document as indicated in the requirements section, adding the information related to the App and (if applicable) the video, and providing the document of originality. The submission must be made before September 10, 2018 and it will be mandatory that at least one of the authors has formalized the registration in the Congress.

The complete written documents accompanying the work selected at this stage will be published in the proceedings of AEPIA along with the other papers accepted in the other activities of the conference.

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be evaluated by a jury appointed by the organization. The following aspects will be taken into account:

  • Degree of importance of AI technique in the functionality of the APP.
  • Usefulness.
  • Originality.
  • Usability.
  • Feasibility.
  • Appearance and user interface.


  • Alberto J. Bugarín, University of Santiago de Compostela President
  • Bertha Guijarro, University of A Coruña
  • Eva Onaindia, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
  • Alicia Troncoso, Pablo de Olavide University
  • Oscar Luaces, University of Oviedo
About us

In this competition, participants are special to create videos of between three and four minutes in length that serve as an informative introduction to techniques and methods of Artificial Intelligence. The main objective of the video will be to answer the question What is X?, where X refers to an AI technique or method, or the question How is X applied to solve Y?, where X is the technique/method and Y is a problem or scope of application. As an illustrative example we show below some informative videos of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society on different topics of IA:

This is about explaining the concepts and technique(s) used to solve problems through AI, visually and accompanied by appropriate audio or text. This video is intended to be informative and can clearly communicate the main ideas of the technique chosen and its application to a generic audience, not necessarily researchers in the area or with high knowledge of mathematics. It could be seen as a supplemental teaching material for high school students or first-year undergraduate students.

It is very important that the video, in addition to explaining the particular technique, describes how it can be applied and integrated into tasks/problems of our daily life.

Requirements of videos

  • Language: The video can be generated either in Spanish or English, since they are the two languages used in this conference. Consistency in the use of one language or another will be assessed and the associated document must be written in the language chosen for the video. Optionally, it can be subtitled.
  • Format: The video must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or another similar platform, with the following requirements:
    • Title: CAEPIA'18 - (Video Title).
    • Description: Must contain the following information:
      • Title.
      • Link to this page of the competition.
      • Author or teams of maximum 4 members.
      • Brief summary of the video
  • Duration: The length of the video will be between three and four minutes. Videos of shorter/longer duration will be excluded.
  • Explained AI Technique: The topic is free as long as some of the AI techniques included in the CAEPIA topics of interest and their associated events (workshops and sessions) are addressed.
  • Written document: Accompanying the video, a written document of no more than three pages in PDF format will be sent to the EasyChair platform of the conference, which will necessarily contain the following information:
    • Title: Competición Vídeo: Título del vídeo (Spanish option) or Video Competition: Video Title (English option), with the Título vídeo/Video Title fields being the title chosen for the video by the participating authors.
    • Data: Name and surname of all the creators, who will appear as authors, as well as their affiliation (department, institution, etc...).
    • Content: The document should clearly address the following points:
      • A brief description of the tools and materials used for the technical implementation of the video (e. g. software used, if any special devices have been used, etc.).
      • Link of the video on YouTube, Vimeo or the chosen platform.
      • Justification of why that particular AI technique has been chosen, including a brief introduction to it.
      • Discussion on the main narrative and aesthetic resources used.
      • Discussion on the didactic usefulness of the material developed, and a personal assessment of it.
      • Main conclusions.
      • References used to elaborate the contents of the video.
  • Originality of the work: The written documents of the selected videos will be published in the AEPIA proceedings. To do this, it will be essential to sign and send the document Declaration of Originality of the Video and Cession of Rights that certifies that the material is original and created by the author or authors in order to participate in this competition, which does not include content on which the authors have no rights and which has not been sent to any other contest or competition. To guarantee this point, the authors will provide a document in which they declare the originality of the video created. The corresponding model must be downloaded from the following link, completed with the video data and authors and signed by all of them. It is essential to send this document to participate in the competition.

Evaluation of the Videos

  • PHASE 1: (Expression of Interest). Authors wishing to participate in the competition must submit an expression of interest of no more than one page including the following information:
    • Title
    • Authors
    • Summary of contents
    • AI technique explained

    This information must be sent via the EasyChair platform (track video contest) enabled for the competition, by 20 June 2018. The submission of the expression of interest is mandatory for participation in the competition, it is not necessary at this stage to send the video or the complete PDF document. Once the expressions of interest received have been analysed, to verify that they meet the competition's requirements, the authors will be informed whether or not their work has been accepted in this first phase.

  • PHASE 2: (Competition). Applications accepted in the previous phase must complete the submission by adding the link to the video and the PDF document as indicated in the Requirements section. The jury will verify that these requirements are met (theme, format, time, accompanying documents, etc.). The submission must be made before September 10, 2018 and it will be mandatory that at least one of the authors has registered for the Congress. The written documents accompanying the videos selected for this phase will be published in the proceedings published by AEPIA, along with the rest of the papers accepted in the other activities of the conference.

Evaluation Criteria

The criteria to be taken into account in determining the winners will be:

  • Originality.
  • Technical and aesthetic quality of the creation, assessing whether editing and assembly are adequate.
  • Clarity of the explanation provided.
  • Correction of the contents, even if it is informative, should not lose a minimum rigor.
  • Approach the description of the technique and its applications correctly.
  • Quality, correction and consistency of the submitted document with the submitted video.


  • Senén Barro Ameneiro, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela President
  • Juan Manuel Corchado, University of Salamanca
  • Óscar Cordón, University of Granada
  • María José del Jesus Díaz, University of Jaén
  • José A. Gámez, University of Castilla de la Mancha

Chairmans Competition Committee


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Exhibition and Awards

The selected videos will be shown to the public during the conference. Two prizes will be awarded for each competition:

  • Winner: 600 €.
  • Finalist: Accreditation diploma.

The organization reserves the right to declare the prize void.


Apps & Videos Competition

Deadline for sending the expression of interest 20 June

Deadline may not be extended.

Response to the expression of interest 30 June

Acceptance into the competition.

Deadline to complete submissions 10 September

As indicated in the rules of the respective competitions, as well as for the formalization of the inscription of at least one member per team to participate in each competition.

Waiting for your contributions!

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