This symposium provides a forum for researchers seeking to extract useful knowledge from large volumes of information using Data Mining methods. Data Mining techniques have become a fundamental tool in scientific and technical research as a method of analysis and knowledge discovery based on observation data or experimental results for decision making in the control of productive processes, systems planning, marketing, etc.



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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Automatic Learning Algorithms and Techniques
    • Selecting Attributes
    • Classification
    • Clustering
    • Parametric and non-parametric statistical techniques
    • Soft-computing
    • Discovery of rules
    • Instances based
    • Scalable algorithms
    • Incremental algorithms
    • Ensembles
  • Pattern recognition
  • Learning assessment
    • Design of experiments
    • Statistical tests
  • Data pre-processing:
    • Data reduction and/or transformation
    • Uncertainty and incomplete data
    • Discretion
    • Unbalanced data
  • Mining on different types of data:
    • Texts
    • Temporary
    • Space
    • Flows (streams)
    • Networks
    • Multimedia
    • Big Data Mining
    • Visual Data Mining
  • Databases and Data Mining:
    • OLAP
    • Data Mining query
    • Relational Data Mining
  • Data Mining Applications:
    • Biomedical databases
    • Industrial production processes
    • Environmental problems
    • Financial or commercial problems
    • Web Mining
    • Social Mining

Program Committee

Alicia Troncoso LoraPablo de Olavide University
José C. RiquelmeUniversity of Sevilla
Salvador García LópezUniversity of Granada
Emilio CorchadoUniversity of Salamanca
Francesc J. FerriUniversity of Valencia
Francisco HerreraUniversity of Granada
Pedro GonzálezUniversity of Jaén
Mª Dolores PérezUniversity of Jaén
Héctor PomaresUniversity of Granada
Ignacio RojasUniversity of Granada
José A. LozanoUniversity of the Basque Country
José del CampoUniversity of Málaga
José Mª LunaUniversity of Córdoba
Juan J. RodríguezUniversity of Burgos
Sergio Ramírez GallegoUniversity of Granada
José Hernández OralloPolytechnic University of Valencia
Juan J. del CozUniversity of Oviedo
Antonio RiveraUniversity of Jaén
Karina GibertPolytechnic University of Catalonia
Marta ZorrillaUniversity of Cantabria
Alberto CanoUniversity of Córdoba
Miquel Sànchez i MarrèPolytechnic University of Catalonia
Mª José del JesúsUniversity of Jaén
Mª José RamírezPolytechnic University of Valencia
Nicolás García PedrajasUniversity of Córdoba
Olatz ArbelaitzUniversity of the Basque Country
Óscar CordónUniversity of Granada
Jorge García GutiérrezUniversity of Sevilla
Pablo VaronaAutonomous University of Madrid
Pedro LarrañagaTechnical University of Madrid
Sebastián VenturaUniversity of Córdoba
Juan NepomucenoUniversity of Sevilla
Francisco Martínez ÁlvarezPablo de Olavide University
Gualberto AsencioPablo de Olavide University
María Martínez BallesterosUniversity of Sevilla
Cristóbal CarmonaUniversity of Burgos

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