Social media has changed the way people communicate. Millions of people over the world use social media to share information and make connections. Anyone with Internet access can explain their experiences in a video, give their opinion about a fact, or show their photos to millions of other users. This has led Social Media Analytics (SMA) to an important growth over last year due to the amount of data shared.

Gohfar F. Khan’s defines SMA as "the art and science of extracting valuable hidden insights from vast amounts of semistructured an unstructured social media data to enable informed and insightful decision making". Different techniques has been created for analyzing opinions towards a product, predicting elections results, studying how fake news spread through social networks. This has made the areas that work in this field very diverse: computer science, network science, social sciences, mathematical sciences, medical and biological sciences, financial, management and political sciences.

CiDReS 2018 Workshop aims the participation of researchers with interest in the use or data science techniques for knowledge extraction from social networks, to discuss models and applications. The workshop will primarily provide an interdisciplinary venue that will bring together practitioners and researchers from a variety of Data Science and Social Media fields to promote collaborations and exchange of ideas and practices. The workshop solicits experimental and theoretical works on SMA and mining along with their application to real life cases.

Program Chairs

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Topics of interest for this Workshop include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Analysis of covert networks, Dark Web
  • Anomaly detection in social network evolution
  • Application of social network analysis and mining
  • Big Social Mining
  • Community discovery and analysis in social networks
  • Cybercrime and Social Networks
  • Data models for social networks and social media
  • Dynamic Community finding and discovery
  • Evolution of communities/patterns on Social Media
  • Graph mining
  • Impact of social networks on recommendations systems
  • Information acquisition and establishment of social relations
  • Information diffusion
  • Information fusion in Social Media
  • Intelligent data analysis in Social Media
  • Large-scale graph algorithms for social network analysis
  • Network formation and evolution
  • Pattern representation and modelling for Social Networks
  • Pattern analysis for Social Networks
  • Personalization for search and for social interaction
  • Scalability of social networking
  • Search algorithms for Social Networks
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Statistical modeling of large networks
  • Visualization in Social Media

Important Dates


Submission of General papers June 20 (Hard-Deadline)

Notification Due July 20, 2018.
Camera-ready copy September 10, 2018.
A 6-pages paper formatted according to IEEE guidelines (available in Word and LaTeX2e format).
Registration of one author.

Submission of Key Works July 5 (Hard-Deadline)

Notification Due July 20, 2018.
Camera-ready copy September 10, 2018.
A two-page IEEE format (available in Word and LaTeX2e format), with a clear reference to the previous published paper. The authors must also submit a cover letter indicating the journal in which the paper is published, and a succinct justification of the relation of the paper with the topics of the workshop.
Registration of one author.


Submission is electronic, using the Easychair conference management system. The submission site is open at:

Program Committee

Ricardo AlerCarlos III University, Spain
Mahmoud BarhamgiUniversity of Lion, France
Gema Bello OrgazAutonomous University of Madrid, Spain
Carlos CarrascosaPolytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
Manuel Jesús CoboUniversity of Cádiz, Spain
Mari Luz CongostoCarlos III University of Madrid, Spain
Oscar CordonUniversity of Granada, Spain
Carlos CottaUniversity of Málaga, Spain
Sergio DamasUniversity of Granada, Spain
Abraham DuarteRey Juan Carlos University, Spain
Luis Espinosa AnkeCardiff University, Great Britain
Francisco Fernandez de VegaUniversity of Extremadura, Spain
Antonio Gonzalez PardoAutonomous University of Madrid, Spain
Jason J. JungUniversity of Chung Ang, South Korea, Spain
Raul Lara CabreraAutonomous University of Madrid, Spain
María Teresa Martín ValdiviaUniversity of Jaén, Spain
Manuel MontesINAOE, México
Muntsa PadroEloquant, France
Sancho SalcedoUniversity of Alcalá, Spain
Jesús Sanchez-Oro CalvoRey Juan Carlos University, Spain
Frederique SegondViseo, France
Javier del SerUniversity of the Basque Country/Tecnalia, Spain
Maite TaboadaSimon Fraser University, Canadá
Rafel ValenciaUniversity of Murcia, Spain
Benjamin VargasUniversity of Granada, Spain
Julian VicentePolytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
L. Alfonso Ureña LópezUniversity of Jaén, Spain
Carmen ZarcoInternational University of La Rioja, Spain
Mourad OussalahUniversity of Oulu, Finland
Carla VairettiUniversity of Los Andes, Chile
José Manuel Perea OrtegaUniversity of Extremadura, España

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