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Publicaciones Soportadas por el Proyecto KEEL

  Knowledge Extraction based on Evolutionary Algorithms  
Evolutionary Algorithms for Extracting Association Rules
Evolutionary Feature Selection
Evolutionary Neural Networks Using Products Units
Evolutionary Prototype/Instance Selection
Evolutionary RBF
Genetic Programming Learning and Rules Extraction
Multiobjective Genetic Algorithms and Rule Learning
Software for Evolutionary Computation
  Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining  
  Analysis of Data and Experiments  
Analysis of Algorithms and Experimental Design
Analysis of Data Complexity in Classification problems and Domains of Competence of Classifiers
Discretization of Continuous Variables
Feature Selection
Missing Values
Prototype/Instance Selection
  Data Mining Algorithms  
Compact and Interpretable Interval Rule Based Systems
Educational Data Mining
Fuzzy Rule Based Systems for High Dimensionality Problems
Interpretability Issues in Fuzzy Rule Based Systems
Learning from Unbalanced Data
Multi-Instance Learning
Neural Networks Using Product Units
Subgroup Discovery

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