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KEEL Reference Manual
  1. - Basic KEEL developement guidelines
  2. - Method Description files
  3. - Method Configuration files
  4. - Data files
  5. - Output files
  6. - Use Case files
  7. - API Dataset

Use Case files

The use case files of KEEL provides valuable information to understanding every of the methods which are available to use. They are XML files, located in the ../dist/help directory.

Each KEEL use case file is composed by 4 sections:

Use case structure
The name of the method.
A list of references associated with the method.
General Description
Generic information about the method.
A example about the use of the method.


The first part of the use case contains the name of the method, enclosed by <name> tags:

Name field


The second part of the use case contains a list of associated references. They are enclosed each one by <ref> tags.

Reference field

General description

The general description describes some common features about the method, as its objective, parameters, type of data which can be handle, etc. It is composed by the following fields:

General type of method.
Objective of the method.
How work
A brief explanation about how the method works.
Parameter spec
A specification of each parameter of the method. They are enclosed each one by <param> tags.
Generic properties of the methods. Each field can contain yes or no strings, defining the following capabilities of the method:
  • Continuous The method is able to work with continuous values.
  • Discretized The method is able to work with discretized values.
  • Integer The method is able to work with integer values.
  • Nominal The method is able to work with nominal values.
  • Value Less The method is able to handle missing values.
  • Imprecise Value The method is able to work with imprecise values.
General description field


The last part of the use case is employed to show an example of utilization of the method. It can be employ any number of lines (though, it is not recommended to place huge examples here).

Example field

Example of use

A valid example of a use case file is shown in the next page:


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