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KEEL Reference Manual
  1. - Basic KEEL developement guidelines
  2. - Method Description files
  3. - Method Configuration files
  4. - Data files
  5. - Output files
  6. - Use Case files
  7. - API Dataset

Method Configuration files

In KEEL, every method uses a configuration file to extract the values of the parameters which will be employed during its execution. Although it is generated automatically by the KEEL GUI (by using the information contained in the corresponding method description file, and the values of the parameters specified by the user), it is important to fully describe its structure because any KEEL method must be able to completely read it, in order to get the values of its parameters specified in each execution.

Each configuration file has the following structure:

  • algorithm: Name of the method.
  • inputData: A list with the input data files of the method.
  • outputData: A list with the output data files of the method.
  • parameters: A list of parameters of the method, containing the name of each parameter and its value (one line is employed to each one).

Input files

The files in the inputData list must be separated by one space, being each one surrounded by quotation marks (""). If a validation file is employed by the method, the files will appear in the following order:

input data= <training file> <validation file> <test file>

If not, the order employed will be:

input data= <training file> <test file>

The validation file is a copy of the original train data employed at the start of the experiment. It is often employed for comparison tasks between the initial data and training data when it has been preprocessed.

Finally, if the method perform tasks of unsupervised learning, no validation and test files are employed. Thus, the files employed will be:

input data= <training file>


Output files

  • A file with the output for training data.
  • A file with the output for test data.
  • (Optional) Additional output files.

Additional output files can be specified in this list. Although the will be not managed by other KEEL methods, it is possible to employ them to extract useful information from the execution of the method (representation of models extracted, additional outputs, performance measures...). They must be marked with the extension .txt.



The rest of the configuration file is used to describe the values of the parameters. In each line appears one parameter, followed by a "=" sign and its assigned value.

If the method needs a seed to initialize a random number generator, it must be the first parameter described, employing seed as name of the parameter.


Example of use

This is a valid example of a Method Configuration file (data files lists are not fully shown):


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