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The conference will held a series of Tutorials & Workshops that will be included in its program and will be placed in the same dates. The topics emphasizes emergent aspects, relevant issues, challenges etc. of AI.
Tutorials will be held 23th of October 2018.

Chairman of Tutorials and Workshops


Granada, más deslumbrante que la flor, más sabrosa que la fruta de la que toma su nombre, parece una virgen tumbada al sol - Alejandro Dumas


Tutorial #1

Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis

Summary to be here soon.

Tutorial #2

Deep Learning: Fundamentals, Models and Applications

Summary to be here soon.

Tutorial #3

Applying computer learning to detect malware in Android: AndroPyTool and OmniDroid

Summary to be here soon.


Tutorials & Workshops

Proposal reception 30 April

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