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KEEL-dataset - data set description

This section describes main characteristics of the ele-1 data set and its attributes:

General information

Electrical Length data set
TypeRegressionOriginReal world
Features 2(Real / Integer / Nominal)(1 / 1 / 0)
Instances495Missing values?No

Attribute description

Inhabitants[1, 320]
Distance[60.0, 1673.329956]
Length[80.0, 7675.0]

Additional information

This problem with only two input variables involves a small search space (small complexity). However, it is still an interesting problem since the system is strongly nonlinear and the available data is limited to a low number of examples presenting noise. All of these drawbacks make the modeling surface complicated indeed and, in this case, produce a strong overfitting of the obtained models.

In this section you can download some files related to the ele-1 data set:

  • The complete data set already formatted in KEEL format can be downloaded from herezip.gif.
  • A copy of the data set already partitioned by means of a 5-folds cross validation procedure can be downloaded from herezip.gif.
  • The header file associated to this data set can be downloaded from heretxt.png.

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