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KEEL-dataset - data set description

This section describes main characteristics of the puma32h data set and its attributes:

General information

Pumadyn data set
Features 32(Real / Integer / Nominal)(32 / 0 / 0)
Instances8192Missing values?No

Attribute description

theta1[-2.355515, 2.355593]thetad6[-2.356133, 2.355862]da1[0.250436, 2.499158]
theta2[-2.355949, 2.355649]tau1[-74.990634, 74.985591]da2[0.250579, 2.499668]
theta3[-2.355686, 2.355813]tau2[-74.937538, 74.967958]da3[0.250087, 2.499956]
theta4[-2.355426, 2.35509]tau3[-74.978278, 74.986797]da4[0.250166, 2.499966]
theta5[-2.355844, 2.355229]tau4[-74.999533, 74.996991]da5[0.250616, 2.499789]
theta6[-2.355827, 2.354251]tau5[-74.984873, 74.995852]db1[0.250054, 2.499978]
thetad1[-2.355614, 2.355743]dm1[0.250265, 2.49998]db2[0.250012, 2.499611]
thetad2[-2.355077, 2.354076]dm2[0.250417, 2.499438]db3[0.250241, 2.499811]
thetad3[-2.35565, 2.354737]dm3[0.250222, 2.499933]db4[0.250109, 2.499997]
thetad4[-2.355339, 2.355777]dm4[0.250074, 2.499998]db5[0.251439, 2.499654]
thetad5[-2.355048, 2.3558]dm5[0.250149, 2.499663]thetadd6[-0.086661, 0.089805]

Additional information

This dataset has been synthetically generated from a realistic simulation of the dynamics of a Unimation Puma 560 robot arm. The task in this dataset is to predict the angular acceleration of one of the robot arm\'s links. The inputs include angular positions, velocities and torques of the robot arm.

This dataset is included in a family of datasets, which has been specifically generated for the delve environment and so the individual datasets span the corners of a cube whose dimensions represent:
1) Number of inputs (32).
2) degree of non-linearity (fairly linear or non-linear)
3) amount of noise in the output (moderate or high).

In this section you can download some files related to the puma32h data set:

  • The complete data set already formatted in KEEL format can be downloaded from herezip.gif.
  • A copy of the data set already partitioned by means of a 5-folds cross validation procedure can be downloaded from herezip.gif.
  • The header file associated to this data set can be downloaded from heretxt.png.
  • This is not a native data set from the KEEL project. It has been obtained from the Luís Torgo\'s web page. The original page where the data set can be found is:

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