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KEEL - dataset     Unsupervised data sets

Unsupervised data sets represents a set of data whose examples have been not labeled. Thus, they can be employed by any kind of descriptive machine learning algorithm (e.g. associative rules, clustering, subgroup discovery...).

Each data file has the following structure:

  • @relation: Name of the data set
  • @attribute: Description of an attribute (one for each attribute)
  • @data: Starting tag of the data

The rest of the file contains all the examples belonging to the data set, expressed in comma sepparated values format.

KEEL - dataset

We offer information about experimental studies using these data sets (result files, papers and more) in the Experimental studies in unsupervised learning section of the repository.

Below you can find all the Unsupervised data sets available. For each data set, it is shown its name and its number of examples (instances) and attributes (the table details the number of Real/Integer/Nominal attributes in the data). In addition, the table shows if the corresponding data set has missing values or not.

The table allows to download each data set in KEEL format (inside a ZIP file). Additionally, we provide a header file to give additional information about each data set and its attributes.

By clicking in the column headers, you can order the table by names (alphabetically), by the number of examples or attributes, or by the presence of missing values. Clicking again will sort the rows in reverse order.

Namedownarrow.png#Attributes (R/I/N)downarrowS.png#Examplesdownarrow.pngMiss Val.downarrow.pngData setHeader
transactions10k3        (0/3/0)120427Nozip.giftxt.png
transactions30k3        (0/3/0)284284Nozip.giftxt.png
transactions50k3        (0/3/0)475649Nozip.giftxt.png
transactions70k3        (0/3/0)665470Nozip.giftxt.png
transactions90k3        (0/3/0)855367Nozip.giftxt.png
Balance Scale4        (4/0/0)625Nozip.giftxt.png
Quake4        (3/1/0)2178Nozip.giftxt.png
weather5        (0/0/5)14Nozip.giftxt.png
Basketball5        (3/2/0)96Nozip.giftxt.png
Stulong5        (5/0/0)1419Nozip.giftxt.png
Bolts8        (2/6/0)40Nozip.giftxt.png
Stock Price10        (10/0/0)950Nozip.giftxt.png
colorMoments10        (9/1/0)68040Nozip.giftxt.png
Solar Flare11        (0/0/11)1066Nozip.giftxt.png
Pollution16        (16/0/0)60Nozip.giftxt.png
house16H17        (10/7/0)22784Nozip.giftxt.png
colorTexture17        (16/1/0)68040Nozip.giftxt.png
layoutHistogram33        (32/1/0)66616Nozip.giftxt.png
colorHistogram33        (32/1/0)68040Nozip.giftxt.png
All data setszip.gif

Collecting Data Sets

If you have some example data sets and you would like to share them with the rest of the research community by means of this page, please be so kind as to send your data to the Webmaster Team with the following information:

  • People answerable for the data (full name, affiliation, e-mail, web page, ...).
  • training and test data sets considered, preferably in ASCII format.
  • A brief description of the application.
  • References where it is used.
  • Results obtained by the methods proposed by the authors or used for comparison.
  • Type of experiment developed.
  • Any additional useful information.

Collecting Results

If you have applied your methods to some of the problems presented here we will be glad of showing your results in this page. Please be so kind as to send the following information to Webmaster Team:

  • Name of the application considered and type of experiment developed.
  • Results obtained by the methods proposed by the authors or used for comparison.
  • References where the results are shown.
  • Any additional useful information.

Contact Us

If you are interested on being informed of each update made in this page or you would like to comment on it, please contact with the Webmaster Team.

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