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JavaNPST: NonParametric Statistical Tests in Java

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JavaNPST is a Java library featuring 40 well-known nonparametric tests in the literature.

It is an user-friendly library, entirely written in Java, without using any external sources not located in the standard distribution. Its main features are the following:

  • JavaNPST covers most of the situations where hypothesis testing procedures would be needed. For each kind of problem, it contains one or several tests that will fit with the requeriments of the data to analize.
  • JavaNPST is an easy-to-use library. It only requires to define the adequate set of structures for storing the data and the objects representing the tests selected. Therefore, it can be helpful for academical research or teaching in statistics and other related fields.
  • JavaNPST comes with several examples of use, which are provided in this website.
  • JavaNPST can be plugged in other software projects just by including the library as a new resource. No configuration process are needed, thus the tests are ready to be used as soon as the library is included.
  • JavaNPST is free and open source.

In this website, you can find the JavaNPST library and many additional resources, including documentation and examples of use. They are available through the different sections shown in the left menu.